Products and services

Météorage offers a range of lightning risk prevention products and services, adapted to the needs of users and customers’ areas of activity.

Météorage can provide Services in the United Kingdom, all over Europe and worldwide.    

  • Météorage operates its own network covering the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Switzerland and Belgium.
  • As a member of EUCLID, Météorage has access to European data.
  • As Vaisala GLD360 network distributor, Météorage can provide services worldwide.


I-BOLT Services

Meteorage I-BOLT Services dedicated to the British Isles, whether real time or past time, are tailored to users needs.


I-BOLT Observation

  • Your needs: Lightning risk watch and management, alarms, correlation with failures, maintenance crew management.
  • I-BOLT Solution: Enable you to visualize and process lightning data, in real time and in past time, with advanced functions such as alarm zones, zoom, data and line analysis... and optional tailored background map. Service available on your PC, with Jobs software and online connection to Meteorage’s server via the Internet.



  • Your needs: Easily watch and manage lightning risk from anywhere.
  • I-BOLT Solution: Enable you to visualize live lightning simply with your browser over the internet.


I-BOLT Alarm Service

  • Your needs: Apply the relevant procedures on site: protect people, stop dangerous activities, start generating units,…, and resume as soon as it is over.
  • I-BOLT solution: Inform you of the arrival and the end of a storm via mobile phone or e-mail. Online service history. Optional online Visualization of lightning stroke to follow the evolution of the thunderstorm and. Map option to record the lightning activity over the Watch Area.


I-BOLT Remote Counter

  • Your needs: Quantify or identify lightning strokes on and around your facilities to make due controls after a storm, when needed.
  • I-BOLT solution: e-mailed list and details of lightning strokes typically within a two-mile radius around your installation after each storm day, online history, optional map.


I-BOLT Survey

  • Your needs: damage support or damage analysis, reports for insurance companies or experts.
  • I-BOLT solution: list and characteristics of all the strokes in a specific time period and area, with an optional map of stroke locations.


Other I-BOLT Services

           Tailor-made studies, I-BOLT statistics, I-BOLT Risk Evaluation, courses are also available.
           Contact us for more details on these I-BOLT Services.