Maintenance management

Météorage can help you manage the maintenance of networks or distant sites such as electric grids, rail networks, wind farms,...

Météorage services are designed to help maintenance teams in their work, allowing Managers to:

             -Put operations and maintenance people on alert when and where a lightning storm builds                           up and travels through the area and enable them to follow live the ongoing situation.
             -Help ensure the safety of maintenance people operating outside
             -Efficiently point to strike locations where to check for potential damages or pending failures                       and possibly repair, reducing delays and costs

prevention solutions:

  • I-BOLT Observation: Enable you to visualize and process lightning data, in real time and in past time, with advanced functions such as alarm zones, zoom, data and line analysis... and optional tailored background map
  • I-BOLT ObsWeb: Enable you to visualize live lightning simply with your browser over the internet.
  • I-BOLT Remote Counter: e-mailed list and details of lightning strokes over and around your installations after each storm day, online history, optional map.